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A Financial Solution for Unexpected Life Events

With increasing life expectancies and rising health care costs, many people worry about paying for unexpected events or outliving their money.

To help address these concerns, Structures designed a structured settlement program that combines market-based growth potential with the protection of guarantees: fixed-indexed annuities (FIAs).

What is Annuity?

A fixed-indexed annuity (FIA) is an insurance vehicle offering a unique combination of benefits to help achieve long-term financial goals. Now available as part of a structured settlement plan, FIAs offer potential tax-free or tax-deferred growth based on index performance. There is no risk to principal and optional benefits can be added to increase income protection.

Our team can help you understand the potential challenges that may affect your existing financial plan and assist in determining if a fixed-indexed annuity is right for you.

Benefits of Annuity

  • Long-Term Tax Benefits: A common question we receive is, "Are annuities taxable?" Structures can provide benefits such as tax-free growth (physical injury cases) or tax-deferred growth (non-physical injury cases).
  • Safe Alternative to Full Market Participation: FIAs allow claimants to participate in receiving index-based gains with no downside market risk.
  • Program Flexibility: Participants can select from various income options including guaranteed lifetime income.
  • Death Protection Benefit: What happens to an annuity when you die? Upon the death of the annuitant, the remaining accumulation value of the FIA is paid out to the beneficiaries.

Relax about your future–Structures offers customized solutions. Speak to an expert today at (844) 382-8358.

Fixed Annuities, Variable Annuities & Fixed-Index Annuities

Variable Annuities require an investment in mutual funds, and the performance of those funds over time is what determines what payout you will actually receive. There is a risk accepted with variable annuities, even for experienced investors.

Fixed annuities, on the other hand, are dependable and predictable. Their value will not change over time, because investors can count on high quality government and corporate bonds to back them. It does not matter how markets perform; your payments will still be safe. However, the benefits can be unimpressive.

Structures, LLC offers the best of both worlds: fixed-index annuities. With these annuities, there is both protection in an unfavorable market and opportunity for growth, as well as tax benefits.

Annuity FAQs

What is the Primary Reason for Buying an Annuity?

Most people buy annuities to guarantee future income, relax about their financial future, and ensure a better future for their loved ones.

Is a Pension an Annuity?

Pensions and annuities are not the same thing, although they do serve similar purposes: to provide income for life.

A pension is employer-provided, and you receive payments toward it with each paycheck. An annuity is received through an insurance company and is an upfront investment.

Should I Buy an Annuity With My 401k?

There are no tax advantages of rolling and annuity into a 401k; however, it is still a good idea for other reasons. If you have maxed out your 401k or expect to, then investing in an annuity is a good idea. It’s also beneficial to have both if you expect to outlive your 401k savings.

Are Annuities a Good Investment For Retirees?

Annuities are a better idea earlier into retirement in order to get your money’s worth. If you don’t have any other option for income into retirement, we definitely recommend speaking with a professional about an annuity.

How Safe are Annuities?

Annuities are completely safe with a reputable, financially sound company like Structures, LLC. Fixed-index annuities are among the most stable types of annuities.

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